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QOTD Tuesday

Do you have a Christmas tree? Is it decorated?

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I do - just a 4 foot artificial for now. I really want a real tree as I've never had one but I'm doubting I'll get it this year. Maybe next year when we're not renting.

Although I did buy new decorations this year to spruce up the fake one a bit.

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Yes! A real one we chopped down ourselves! and yes it's decorated, we did that last weekend Smile

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I do, it's fake, and it is decorated. I love having a tree. Mine's been up since the 2nd week of November! Smile

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We are going to cut one down tmrw i think! Im so excited! I think we will eventually get a fake one but Im really looking forward to doing the whole tree farm experience with my DS- I have fond memories of that from when i was a kid

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Yes! We decorated it today actually! It's a real one and it's huge! LOL

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YES it's fake, 6feet and a half and it's decorated since this weekend!

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Ours went up on the 27th Nov like always. We do have a bare patch of decorations which are slowly being reintroduced as little hands are learning not to touch.

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We have 3!! We bought our "big" real tree Saturday after Thanksgiving, and got it all decorated the same day. We recently moved into a new house, and we have this large window in the front (dining room) but I didn't want to put our big tree there, so I bought a 6.5 ft tall fake one with only red ornaments. Then for our basement, I bought a small, 3 ft, prelit one - no ornaments tho....I adore Christmas and everything about it!! The decorations, smells, cookies, music and most importantly, spending time with family/friends Smile

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We do! It's the cutest 4' artificial...I love it because I can put the topper on without a ladder :). We meant to put it up last weekend, but I had to work all weekend. So hopefully this weekend, we put it up and decorate it!