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QOTD Wednesday

Is your hair naturally curly or straight? Do you wear it that way or do you change it?

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My hair is naturally wavy, and it's too short to wear it any way but "funky"! LOL!

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my hair is naturally straight, and I do wear it that way Wink

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I have a natural wave through my hair, but it is usually too long to notice it too much. My hair is generally only ever in a pony tail or plaited so I don't really wear my hair in any way other than natural, it takes to long to straighten or curl.

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straight, but does wave a bit if it's long enough. By the time it's that long though, I'm wearing it up constantly! I actually need a haircut right now!

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Mine is wavy. I blow dry and straighten in the winter, and air dry and keep wavy in the summer.

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Naturally curly. I wear it that way because I don't have a choice. It won't straighten at all and if it does it takes hours and then frizzes pretty much instantly. Lol