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QOTD Wednesday

Describe your dream house.

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The one from HOME ALONE. Minus the would-be burglars :O)

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My brother has a pretty amazing house, I would love to have a house like his, as long as I had someone to help me clean it (and to pay the mortgage)! He has a master bedroom, master bath with a huge walk in closet, 2 other small bedrooms upstairs for kids, an open kitchen/living room/dining room that is HUGE and I just absolutely LOVE his kitchen, off the dining room is the balcony (his house is built on a slope, so the front door has zero stairs, you just walk right in, but the back door comes out onto a balcony, and you have to go down stairs to get to the lawn) and where he lives is just absolutely GORGEOUS and the views from his balcony are to die for...., then downstairs are 2 more bedrooms (both with closets bigger than mine) and a bathroom in between the bedrooms, another large living room, and he has a freakin THEATER! It's smallish, but you can fit quite a few people in there, and its insulated so you can't hear anything outside the door when it's shut.

Yea his house is pretty awesome, and WAY different from the one I actually own LOL

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This is a tough one for me. I love all sorts types of houses. The Architect in me would probably build a contemporary style house if I were to design one for myself. But I love the feel of arts and crafts style and tudor style homes. They are so warm and nostalgic. I also have an affinity for Mexican houses because of all the color. Oooh and southwestern american homes for their earthyness and scandinavian style for its minimalism and quirkiness...can you guys tell I love houses? I also LOVE lofts and city living!

As far as what goes in it...I would not want more than 3 bedrooms, but I would love 2 bathrooms, a powder room, an outdoor bathroom (if I had a pool) and a dog bathroom. A kitchen that could open up to outside. A back patio/deck is an absolute must and terraced landscapes would be nice. A porch or patio in the front. Mini courtyards throughout. Tall ceilings. Wood floors. Big windows and lots of them!! Skylights in the bathrooms. Basically I would want a house that got me out of the house and into usuable outdoor space.

kitchen: http://www.ikeafamilylive.com/en/home-story/open-plan-family-kitchen-76#photo-505

courtyards: http://www.momoy.com/2009/01/15/courtyard-house-warehouse-into-a-residence-conversion/

outdoor bath: http://caofficesystems.net/2011/03/17/bathroom-ideas-located-in-the-middle-of-tropical-garden/

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I love craftsman style houses, preferably not new construction, but updated wiring, plumbing, etc. I think the old houses just have so much character and charm. We need at least three bedrooms and two bathrooms. We also need a good sized, fenced yard for the girls and dogs.

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i love the feeling of older houses with the amazing woodwork around the doors and stairs. The stain glass windows....... it has to have at least 3 bedrooms and a master bath for sure. A walk in closet would be nice.... a basement is a must. Really i just want it to have a nice yard where i can garden and a fence....

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The house would have to have character, regardless of what style it was. An updated old farmhouse would be really wonderful though! 4 bedrooms and an office area, eat-in kitchen, dining room, porch in front, 2 1/2 baths, wood floors with tile in bathrooms & kitchen, decent sized yard, proximity to walking path or quiet neighborhood where we coudl walk.

Most of all though, it needs to not be a fixer upper! My current home is driving us crazy, chimney needs replacing, plumbing is having problems (NO WASHER at the moment with two kids, I'm starting to panic!!!), electric needs updating, driveway needs repaving UGH, list goes on!!!!

PS: I want more bedrooms because we plan on having a larger family (4 kids).

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I would love 5 bedrooms (our current ouse was listed as 5 bedrooms, but one is a granny flat down stairs and one is tiny) with the master bedroom being similar to one in a house we looked at with a walk in wardrobe and ensuite and door that open onto a small balcony. The kitchen would have an island with the stove and prep area in it and a dishwasher. I would also have an indoor laundry.
I would love a two story with living areas downstairs and bedrooms upstairs. I would also want solar panels on the roof and a solar hot water system.