QOTD Wednesday

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QOTD Wednesday

Is there anything you collect?

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I'm not a collector. I have a giant yarn stash for my crochet/knit projects...I wouldn't call it a collection though. My dad collects everything under the sun from coins and santa decorations to sports memorabilia and vinyl records.

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Not really. I have a collection of skeleton keys from when I was in high school.

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Not anymore. As a kid I collected stamps at one point, trolls at another, frogs at a different point! LOL, couldn't decide what to collect! ha ha

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do clothes count? LOL

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I started collecting ducks when I was at the U of O. Now they live in my classroom. Every once in a while, one of my kiddos brings me a new one, but I don't actively collect them anymore.

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Dust bunnies, oh right thats just because I am lazy.