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QOTD Wednesday

What is your favorite gadget?

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I love my iPad. It takes care of all my entertainment needs in one little bundle. Plus, it keeps Cecelia busy in a pinch (although I try not to rely on it too much for her).

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My iPhone is pretty awesome, but I have to put it down sometimes, there is just too much to do on that thing! The awesomest part of it? My boss paid for the phone AND pays the bill each month (and he lets me use it for personal use too) yea I pretty much have the COOLEST boss EVER!

I also have a Kindle that I'm pretty much in love with Wink

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Definitely my kindle. I carry it with me everywhere.

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I don't know that I have a favorite. I love my Nook, but I also enjoy the Ipad I get to use for school. I'd say the Nook more because I can download whatever I choose on there.

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I cant decide between my iPad and my Food Processor. Oh, and my DVR since I go to bed at 10:00pm!!

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hmmm, iphone or dvr for me.

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We use the DVR a ton but I'm not much of a gadget person.

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Blackberry! I love it! I can do so much with it.

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My PVR for sure!

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My Android phone. But I just got a kindle last week and I'm pretty sure when I have time to read something (after the wedding), its going to be my new favorite.