QOTW 5/13

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QOTW 5/13

What TV shows do you watch?

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Army Wives, Bachelor/Bachorlette, Law and Order SVU, Say Yes to the Dress. mainly reality type shows but my list has shortened alot, some reality shows have gotten too carried away and I just dont have the tolerance anymore for them.

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Big Bang Theory. I think that is about it! HA!

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We don't pay for cable, so we only get 3 channels with our antenna. But we watch TV with hulu and netflix, which means I'm always behind. I used to watch a lot of shows. But lately I'm really only keeping up with New Girl and Modern Family. I love Parks and Rec and 30 rock, but I'm a whole season behind. I used to watch bachelor/bachelorette too, but I haven't watched the past 2 seasons. I want to watch the next one with Emily though. True Blood is also good (getting a little cheesy though).

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I don't watch any TV live, we record everything.

I keep up with Bones, Criminal Minds, Unforgettable, NCIS, NCIS LA and How I met Your Mother. That seems like a lot, but I have multiple episodes recorded that I havne't watched! LOL Out of all of them I couldn't give up Bones. The rest could go!

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Bachelor/Bachelorrette, 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom, American Idol, Sister Wives, goes on...

I love my reality tv. Wink

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none. I used to enjoy watching Jeopardy, but that's on when we're getting the kids ready for bed. We don't have cable, otherwise I'd be watching Mythbusters whenever I got the chance. I love that show.

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Oh I just found out the bachelorette has already started. I will have to catch up. I wish it weren't 2 hours long though. Such a time suck. I like the beginning episodes, because there are a lot of characters and the people they find for that show are so dumb. I make fun of the show in the beginning and then I'm routing for people in the end. It's sad that it rarely works out for anyone. I mean its kind of messed up to fall for someone and then 6 months later you have to watch that person kiss like half a dozen other people. DH hates the whole idea of the show and begs me not to watch it. Nevertheless, its entertainment...I can't resist.