QOTW 5/29

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QOTW 5/29

Pets? Do you have them, what kind and what are their names?

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We have an 8 year old beagle named Ramona. She's a sweetie and afraid of thunderstorms. Last night there was a storm, so I didn't get any sleep. She just pants and drools and jumps on my head. Yes my head. Going to bed early tonight. Pooped.

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Ah! Same here!

We have two dogs, they're both mutts, small ones though. Jetta is some sort of poodle mix, we think, she's the adventurous one, and Thor is a maltese mix, he's petrified of thunderstorms too! We just had our first big storm today, and I came home from work and found a nice little pile of dog poo right in front of the fridge, he NEVER does that! He must have been sooo scared.

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No pets here. Maybe a dog when the kids are older and I'm home more often. The dog would have to deal with 3 10hr. days by themselves with no chance for us to come home at all. Not a very nice thing to do for a dog. I wish our commute was shorter then I could be there at lunch, but that's not the case. Plus right now, one more thing to deal with. Two toddlers tear my house apart enough! LOL!

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1 cat. Juno. He is an Alaskan Snowbob or American Bobtail- the breed goes by both names. He is 8.5 years old and recently had decided he is tired of tommy driving him nuts. He is not being very nice. But he is a mamas boy and sleeps either on my head, chest or between my legs.

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2 cats Pibs is 8 years old and getting cranky in his old age and won't put up with Ronin's toddler antics. Olo is about 4 and Ronin loves to body slam him. It's hard because they were fully spolit before Ronin and I don't have as much time and patience now especially as hubby is pretty much never home to help with anything.

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We have two cats. Just generic strays we took in at about 4 weeks (they were dropped off in a box where I worked). Their names are Cosmo and Loki and they are 5 1/2 years old (yikes, already?) My avatar thing (or whatever that picture on the side is called) is the cats the day after we brought them home.

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We have a cat who shares the same birthday as my youngest. He's just over 2 now and he's an orange tabby. His name is Keith. He's freaking awesome. I love him to bits.

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Two kitties here...Fluffy and Pretty (real original eh?). They are sisters from the same litter.

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We have entirely too many pets for our 800 sq ft house. Rather, I should say that they have entirely too much furr for our 800 sq ft house. 2 cats and 2 dogs. One kitty is a raucous manx named Misha (Czech for teddy bear - though probably a bastardization of the spelling) who was born to one of MIL's feral barn cats. She's our trouble maker. Anyone want a manx? The other kitty is a big beautiful Maine-coon-esque named Porch Kitty (how inventive, huh?). She adopted us. She was the cat that lived on the porch and came in when it snowed and her name just stuck. Both dogs are mutts. Aldo (for Aldo Leopold - American Naturalist - my choice) is a bizarre little mix. My best guess is part boston terrior, part pit bull. He's smarter than his goofy looks let on. Cauchy (for Augustin Louis Cauchy - French mathematician - DH's choice - pronounced Ko-Shee) is your typical black lab mix. Dumb as a rock, that one is.