QOTW 5/6

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QOTW 5/6

Camping. Love it or Hate it?

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I only camp under 5 stars lol. I'm not a big fan of camping but if I do go it needs to have toilets, showers etc.

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I happen to love it. So does DH. We like living in the city though ;). A lot of our friends don't like camping, especially tent camping. I've only done tent camping. We are wanting to go camping for Memorial Day and wanted to go with friends. The only friends that are willing to go are the ones in Austin, so maybe we can camp near them or meet them half way somewhere.

Wendy-I too require a toilet!

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Hate it. Dont like bugs. LOL

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LOVE IT!!!! We had a 5th wheel trailer for a while and are considering purchasing something else but we will tent camp no problem. There is something so relaxing being out in the middle of nowhere. We are planning a few beach camping trips already but we love going up to Kern River and the Giant Sequoias. I am kinda nervous about camping with DS. Makes me worry a ton about things going wrong and being far away from help. All of our friends camp and most have RVs or fun toys to go. We are also considering buying a boat, but we shall see. I am looking forward to camping this year!

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We are campers. We haven't gone since DS was born but we used to go a couple times a year. I wouldn't say I LOVE it, but we usually have a fun time. Wink

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Loved it prior to kids - now like it! LOL! It's a lot of work keeping toddlers safe in the woods! LMAO!

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Love it!!! We didn't go camping last year cause we felt like Sophia was too little, but we're excited to take her this year. Smile

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