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Hello, I was a regular on for with both of my kids but haven't been on in a while. What brought me back is this new found baby fever I am experiencing!

Both DH and I thought that we'd be done after 2, and he is still sure of that but now I am not so sure, I am thinking I may still want one more. Both DH and I have great jobs and financially would be able to support another, however, DH thinks it would be too stressful for him. I cam from a big family and DH did not, so that may be why we see differently on this.

My question is for moms of 3 or more: what is it like? Am I crazy for wanting one more? I know going from 1 to 2 was exponentially different, and going from 2 to 3 would be equally challenging, but I really love being a mommy and think that one more would complete our little family. I have been baby sitting a friend's boy that is 6 months old 2 evenings a week while she is at work and I find that I do not feel overwhelmed at all with 3, my two play great with him. Granted, he goes home after a while, but I do enjoy it!

Sorry for the rambling but I really need to know if I should just be happy with what I have or pursue a conversation with DH to change his mind Smile

Thanks in advance!!