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    Default Question about cycles

    Can your cycle change after pregnancy?

    Before I started TTC #1 i had no idea what my cycle was. Once I came off BCC it took a few months, but then my cycle would flip flop 25 days, 27 days, 25 days, 27 days and so on. I'm still trying to regulate after coming off BC in October. I didn't get AF until April and my cycles have been 34 days, 30 days, 24 days, and 24 days (with that last two cycles both having 5 days periods). Is it possible that my cycle has changed to a 24 day cycle or do you think it's still trying to find it's groove??
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    I think it can definitely change after a baby. My periods are completely different from before I had my son. I don't really experience cramps anymore (sometimes minor) and I used to have debilitating cramps before I got pregnant. Also, they are much shorter (just 3-4 days compared with 5-7 before). It took a few months for my cycle to regulate once I started having cycles again, and the cycles do seem shorter than they were before. Closer to the standard 28 days now, when before they were more like 32.
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    Oh yeah! Cycles can definately change after babies. Before and after my first daughter I was a 28 day kind of girl w/ it only lasting 5 days. After my second daughter my cycles changed to 31 days and AF would last about 9 days. Then after having my son my cycles changed back to 28 days, but AF would last for 18 joke! Very annoying! So, yeah, I think it's normal to have your cycle change.
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    I agree with the other ladies. My cycles have changed after each of my kids. I think it's normal.

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    I was always 100% regular. Smack bam on 28 day cycles, Ovulating on or within 24 hours of CD14 - the works.

    Right up until I had DC7. And then after he was born all sorts started to go wrong with my cycles. They either didn't show up for a couple of months, or they were super short (I had one that was only 14 days long!), very painful, very heavy flow... Complete nightmare, and I'd NEVER experienced anything like that before!

    So yes, they totally can change...

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