Rqotd - 7/22

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Rqotd - 7/22

Mostly for our BTDT mamas ...

Where is your baby stuff while you're waiting? Did you safe everything? Did you loan stuff out? Is most of your baby stuff gender-specific? If you have a child of the opposite gender will you reuse items even if it means dressing your boy in girl items?

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We bought all of our major items in gender neutral colors and they are either downstairs in the basement or in Olivia's closet. With that said, some of the items I didn't really like so we'll probably buy new ones with the next (swing, bouncer or example). We kept everything because we know we want more kiddos and I'm the first of my friends to have a baby so no need to really loan out items.

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We kept a lot of stuff. Some of the bulky, easily-replaced items (bouncy, swing, etc.) were put on Craigslist. I sent all my infant cloth diapers and carriers, bottles, and my co-sleeper to my SIL. Her baby is a month old now so she'll have outgrown them all by the time Next Baby comes. All the stuff we bought is gender neutral because we didn't want to have to re-buy and neither of us is a big fan of princesses or cars. I will have no problem dressing a boy in Teagan's pink onesies. It doesn't seem to matter anyway because I could have her dressed in frilly pink and still have "Oh, what an adorable boy!" comments. Smile Toddler clothes are harder. I wouldn't feel OK dressing a boy in the girly outfits she wears now.

All we need for Next Baby is:
Bouncy and Swing (DD loved both)
A few new diaper covers to replace ones that are worn out
A new wet bag to replace the one that's worn out.

A new ring sling (the one I had for T wasn't the greatest)
A woven wrap
A glider

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I'm like Carolyn with the big stuff...the swing, pack-n-play, bouncy, bedding set, etc is gender neutral. Although the paint in the nursery is blue but that could be changed and still use the bedding again. I have the clothes boxed up in my youngest DS's room. It's mostly in the closet but some boxes are stacked in the corner in his room. I went through it all not long ago and organized it by sizes. I still haven't decided if I'm keeping it all or not.

I may sell the majority of clothes, except for my favorites at our local Just Between Friends (JBF) consignment sale. I'll then just replace if needed by shopping the JBF sale. I usually go once per season and then the boys are set on clothes until the next season. I have had great luck and it's really inexpensive to cloth them that way. The only items I ever buy retail are shoes (they usually aren't in great condition used at the sale) and may be a dressier outfit or two if needed.

I kind of like the idea of shopping for "new to us" stuff for the last babe, if I get the opportunity. And, now that I know about consignment and Craigslist and don't have that "new mama" gotta have new stuff syndrom, I know it can all be replaced inexpensively. Also, babies don't "need" the majority of what you think you need to buy anyway.

That being said, I have tons of onesies, sleepers and swaddling blankets...the baby basics....that are may be more boy than girl that I will keep and won't have any problem dressing a little girl in. Honestly, I might have more trouble dressing my little boy in girl stuff than my little girl in boy stuff. I have a double standard mentality there I guess. Smile

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I LOVE the JBF sales!! Ours is coming up next week in fact. I've never consigned because I've kept almost everything and I haven't felt like its worth it for just a few items. I always go on the last day for the 50% off sale and they always still have tons of great stuff. Its where I get most of T's clothes. I've walked out of there with 3 huge cloth grocery bags stuffed to the gills for $75. I'm going to look for long sleeve shirts, some pants, and maybe some shoes if I find some good ones (I hear ya on that).

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Baby stuff is in the basement, clothes are in sized bins. I saved most stuff. Offered to loan out stuff but no one took me up on that! It's their loss!

We have both girl and boy stuff since we have one of each so we should be all set with what we need. I'll probably buy more clothes at the consignment sale so it can be new to us stuff like Lynn mentioned! I do dress Olivia in some boy stuff sometimes, especially pj's. She's also really into trucks like DS so sometimes I'll put her in a truck T-shirt.

I do need a new swing (broke) and I want a ring sling. Otherwise I think we are good for the next baby.

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His clothes are currently in a closet in a tupperware bin. Some of the toys he has outgrown are in the basement. The only thing loaned out is my ring sling. SIL and I split the cost and are sharing it, she is currently using it for her LO. We have some gender neutral clothes, but most of it is boyish. I would have no problem dressing a girl in blue, depending on the outift.