Shettles Method-Did it work for you?

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Shettles Method-Did it work for you?

Hi ladies! I am new to this part of the BB. It's nice to TTC out of choice for a change and I'm very excited to be here!!
DH and I have decided to go for number 3 and I know, deep in his heart, he wants a daughter. (we have two sons) I've been reading up on this method and am thinking about giving it a shot but I'm just curious if it's a bunch of hoopla or did it actually work for anyone?

Thanks for any story you might want to share.

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Hi there! Are you TTC right now? If so I'd hop on over the the TTC boards too. Smile As for the Shettles we didn't try it so I really don't know if it works but biologically it seems like it might sway your chances. Can't hurt right?

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Thanks Ash. Smile Well, I did lurk a little over there but the *plan* is to start trying at the beginning of the year when DS2 is 2. I'm getting married next week to my long term fiancé so who knows?!? Every time we talk about baby #3 his story changes. LOL. Just tonight he was talking about trying next month! Whoa! We had a little mishap at the beginning of the month that turned out to be a BFN and I think HE's the one that got baby fever b/c of it. I'm just a little nervous to have 2 small children at once. To me, 3 years apart seems less scary then 2. Smile

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We didn't use the method on purpose, but here is when we DTD for our Boy and our Girl....

4 days prior
2 days prior
on O day
2 days after O

5 days prior
day after O

I was temping for both so am pretty sure on the O date. Really thought there was no way we'd be pregnant with DD, but we were!

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Shettles is pretty much a debunked 'method' by science. What he thought were differences between male and female sperm were actually just the maturation process that all sperm go through to even be able to penetrate an egg.

What sets sperm apart (x or y) could not be seen with the technology way back when. Even today, there is a high tech method called Microsort but it's not even 100%. so you can't just weed out the sperm you don't want, the only thing that is 100% is IVF where only the selected gender embryo is actually tested and then transferred. Hard core stuff. Wink

There is some speculation about diet affecting the environment and that causing a friendlier 'home' for x or y sperm. But nature seems to have a natural balance if 49/51 (girl/boy) in the world at all times.

I have (soon to be) 5 sons and I've never tried any of the sway methods but some people swear by then. I just don't really think I'm sold on them.

However, good luck on your upcoming wedding and future TTC!

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Hi Marie!
Welcome and congrats/good luck with TTC #3!!! I'm hoping to TTC around the same time. Hopefully we'll be on the same birth board again!!!
DH and I half heartedly tried for a boy with #1, but obviously that didnt work so I can't give you any advice there!

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Christina, I had no clue that it was debunked. We need some myth busters to the rescue! Lol. Wink Thanks for the info. It's funny, DH's brother has three girls always wanting a boy, and now we could have three boys with him wanting a girl.

Mel, I think we just might give it a shot. BDing before I O just to see what might come from it. I'd just like a healthy baby in the end. Smile

Deirdre! Yippee! Is it Jan yet? Biggrin I found you over on the Oct hopeful board. I think I might be hoping for Nov more though just b/c Drake's bday is in Oct too.

Thanks ladies Smile

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Marie - I think we're going to start in Dec. Possibly even November. I would prefer a Sept/Oct baby bc it's a slow month(s) for b'days in my family and it's still relatively nice out and we could have outdoor b'day parties. Plus getting into November gets into holidays and that craziness. But August would be too early for me to consider my maternity leave and then use all my vacation to take me to the end of the year. So we shall see.