So I had the chat with DH

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So I had the chat with DH

And it went.....ok I think.

He sort of smirked the whole time and didnt say much. Sort of like he wasnt surprised. He still stands firm that he's pretty sure he doesnt want anymore, but accepted what I said and is willing to think about it as we wait until that time when I would want to TTC.

So we'll see! I told him I wanted to lose weight first so we wont start to TTC (if we do) until I reach that goal, so I have a bit to go.

I have a feeling that he will come around once we get to that point, as it will be awhile, I have alot to lose. Sad But I dont want to be even heavier with a second baby. I gained alot with DS1.

So I think tomorrow when I wake I'll weigh myself and make a weight loss ticker. I probably have almost 60 lbs to lose to get to that point, but I've lost it before. I can do it again!

Wish me luck! Biggrin

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Good luck Kitty!! You can do it Smile

I am sure DH will come around eventually!


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Good luck! You can do it! May I recommend Weight Watchers? I am doing a modified version of it, and I've lost 20 pounds since starting 6 months ago (like I said I'm doing modified, I know I could've lost more if I stuck to it)

Also Zumba works miracles I SWEAR! I just got certified as an instructor, and it is SO great for losing if you can find a class in your area, I would totally recommend it!

In fact, I think losing most of my baby weight by doing the above 2 things, is what changed my dh's mind on having #2 sooner.....

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That's great...good luck with losing weight!

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Yahoo Good luck! Smile
I gained almost 70 lbs with my son. :eek: When I got pregnant with my daughter I had only lost about 40 lbs of it. With her I actually lost weight and then gained only about 30lbs. Now I'm finally back down to about 5 lbs away from where I was pre Owen. It only took me 3 years! ROFL

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Good luck! I hope the weight just falls off. When I was determined to lose some weight, I started out with small changes, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator and minimizing the oils/salts in my cooking (I usually omitted the salt unless I was baking). I agree with the Weight Watchers and Zumba to help - I love Zumba!