So many preggos and babies!

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So many preggos and babies!

So everyone I know has either just had a baby or is pregnant with a baby! This week has been crazy. Tues one friend announced she was pregnant, Wednesday was another pregnancy announcement, today I heard from a friend who needed advice about BFing her 2 week old & another friend announced they were expecting a boy (just had 20 week u/s).

And go figure - my kids are sleeping worse than ever, I'm exhausted and totally couldn't handle a 3rd, yet I still yearn to have another little one or be pregnant right now. *sigh* I'm demented!

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Babies are popping up left and right. I just found out my friend in Chicago is preggers. I'm up to 18 preggos in my friend/family count. There are even more if I count my distant FB friends. Crazy.

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I know what you mean. A friend of mine recently had a "scare", another just found out she's having a girl, and two others just had their babies. Looking at sonogram and little baby pics on FB is killin me! Smile

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I know a lot of people that are having babies and a few that just found out! I have to baby showers coming up!

Trust me your not demented! Lots of us think were crazy but were not!