Still BF?

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Still BF?

Is anyone else still breastfeeding? DD will be 2 in December and we are still BF, mostly just at night, in the morning, and nap time. I still haven't had a PPAF (I have the Mirena in) so I'm a little nervous about how long it will take my body to get back in baby making mode after I have the Mirena out but still BF. Anyone have experience with this?

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My little cutie is 18 months and we are still breastfeeding and I have the Mirena. We are a lot alike... haha

You likely haven't had a pp af because of the IUD. I bet once you have it removed, things will return to normal fairly quickly. Some women have trouble conceiving while still breastfeeding, but usually by the age of your little girl, it's not a huge issue. Smile