Stopping BC Pills

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Stopping BC Pills

I'll be starting my next cycle with no birth control pills for the first time in 10 or so years. DH and I are not necessarily considering TTC; but, I want to regulate my cycles and be prepared for when we do decide it's our time. We'll be using other forms of birth control; however, if it happens sooner than later, we won't be totally disappointed. I'm just curious as to others experiences after coming off of birth control pills. I'd like to have an idea of what to expect!

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Stop BC pill in August... and still no AF!!! I'm on CD53 as of day and no sign of the with yet?!
Took 2 pregnancy test in the last 2 weeks: BFN... Still waiting for AF to show up so I can start charting my cycle....
Good luck.

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My period showed up mostly on time at first but it took close to 6 months to really regulate. I had some long and short cycles for a while. GL and I hope it goes smoothly for you!!

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My cycle was pretty regular as soon as I stopped BC. Good luck!

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Did anyone experience increased acne, weight gain/loss, mood changes, etc., etc. after stopping their birth control pills?

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My cycles returned to normal pretty quickly. In March 2007, I went off BC for the first time in 9 yrs, and was able to chart and predict and got pregnant w my son in May. The second time I went off them in May and got pregnant when we tried in Aug. Unfortunately that one didnt take. I notice I break out so bad while being off the pill though! Oh well. Ill put up with it to get pg!

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My cycles regulated within 3 months or so. I did find that my cycle was longer - 30 days vs. 28 on the pill. My acne flares right before AF when I'm not on BC pills. No mood or weight changes for me though.