Is this stupid?

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Is this stupid?

So, DH and I plan to officially TTC in September, but I just got a call for an interview for a new job. I had been thinking we would not prevent this month, and our anniversary is this week and I just happen to be ovulating this week. So I was thinking maybe we'd just see what happens. My interview is Wednesday. Of course I may not get the job, but is it stupid of me not to prevent when I might be about to start a new job? It's part time, 20 hours/week. But still, do I really want to go in and tell them I'm pregnant 2 months after I'm hired?? On the other hand, I may not get it and then I might wish we have tried. If I do get the job, is it stupid to TTC only a month into it? So hard to figure out how to balance being ready for another baby and work commitments!

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I don't think it's stupid! They can't fire you for being pregnant! I say go for it Smile

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I know I wouldn't want to put of TTC for a part time job. If I were you I would go for it! Smile

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Im sure they will understand and like she said, you cant get fired for being pregnant, the job will still be there and you can work thru till the end

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Since its part time, I say go for it. I had a similar situation when I started my job a couple of months ago, except mine is slightly worse.

I had already booked a 3 week honeymoon when I went to my interview. I didn't tell them anything because at the time they were only hiring for a 3 month contract position with "potential" to go full time. I figured telling them would ruin my chances of getting the job. However, they've already basically let me know its definitely going to be full time at the beginning of the new year. So at that point I told them about the honeymoon, they were not happy to say the least.

And 2 weeks ago I went on another interview for a full time with benefits position, he was very impressed with my resume and told me that out of the 600+ resumes they received, I made it to the final 5 to be interviewed. I was convinced he would hire me, but I thought since it was full time I should tell him about the honeymoon, so I did. And he was honest back by saying they had some serious deadlines around the time of my honeymoon and he didn't think it would work for them to hire me.

Your situation isn't as bad, because its not a definite you will get pregnant right away (even though I hope you do!!!!). Plus you could always use "it was a surprise" excuse. Heehee.

Good Luck at your interview!

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Those questions aren't stupid at all! When we first started trying for a family I was also looking for a job. I went to an interview and got the job only to find out the next day I was pregnant. I waited to tell my boss until I was 12 weeks but everything went smoothly. I would go ahead and try if I were you. If you get the job that's great, but if for some reason you wouldn't, you'll always wonder whether you would have conceived this month. Good luck with your decision! I hope it all works out!