Vent/Rant/General screaming

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Vent/Rant/General screaming


Little background ... DH and I are both PhD students. We take comprehensive exams in our 2nd-3rd year, which are wicked stressful. I'm in the middle of mine, completed the written portion and I'm just waiting to schedule the oral portion. DH has scheduled & put off his 4 times for various reasons. Each time he does this, he studies like crazy (making our home life pretty miserable) and then decides to put it off. Before we got PG with DD (almost 3 years ago!) he telling me we had to plan TTC around his exam. Thankfully, we got pregnant before he really panicked. Otherwise, we'd STILL be waiting! Now I'm ready to TTC, I'm almost done with my exam, and he is STILL F-ING making me wait so he can finish his. He was supposed to take them last May, then it was this month, then it was December, and now he's saying January. I'm SO TIRED of hearing about this stupid exam. I'm at the point where I seriously don't even care if he passes and graduates. I just want him to be DONE. AAAAARRRGH. He doesn't even want to talk about TTC until he's passed because my pregnancy was oh so hard on him last time. WTF?! I don't remember him puking his guts out 3 times per day for 20 weeks. At least I'm pretty sure he didn't. I wouldn't really know because I spent that time in the bathroom puking MY guts out.

Sorry for venting my drama. I just had to get it out before I freaked out ... again.

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oh man, huge hugs! I just recently got my Master's Degree and I know it was rough on my hubby (boyfriend at the time I was in school). I was constantly studying and writing papers. Then I'd get in a bad mood, until I turned in whatever assignment I was working on. I thought about going for my PhD, but I needed a break from school. Anyhow, I feel for you, with BOTH of you in school and working towards a PhD. Although, I do commend you, what a great thing to be working towards!

HOWEVER, maybe tell your hubby that a PhD is not the end all, be all of life? Children and actually *living* life make a big part of it, and so does keeping wifey

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is he putting it off because he's scared he won't pass? he needs to understand that it's causing stress on YOU. Hopefully he takes it soon and you can work on ttc! The guys dont get it. DH told me how great my pregnancy was the first time around.... Not sure where he was. as I was either puking my guts out, being told I was pushing limits to be on bedrest and having severe high blood pressure issues, not sleeping, etc... yeah it was wonderful! HUGS to you !

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Why do men feel sooo stressed during pregnancys? Ugh I am sorry for your stress and frustration. How long can he keep postponing the exam? Hopefully he will get the picture sooner- rather than later

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How annoying! Men can be so self centered sometimes. I hope he sticks with his next date!