Wedding Pics (OT)

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Wedding Pics (OT)

Hey gals, just thought I'd share some photos from my wedding. I haven't received the photographer's shots, but these are some my friend took. The wedding was a blast. I danced my butt off.

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Beautiful pics!! TFS!! Looks like a great time and like the weather was perfect!! Congrats!!

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Yay! Happy Married life!!! Yahoo

Love the photos! Your dress is so interesting (in a good way!) and the flowers are just beautiful!

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Congratulations! The colors are beautiful for a fall wedding and I love all the cupcakes!

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BEAUTIFUL! Congrats!

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Very nice colors for a wedding, glad you had a blast dancing@@

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Thanks ladies! Today I got to say "my husband" for the first time to a stranger. Felt good!!!

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nice pics, congrats!!