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    Default Welcome & Useful Information / Resources!

    Welcome to Thinking of Conceiving!

    You are probably in the stages before trying to conceive a child and have many questions and worries about how the whole process will happen. Or perhaps you already have children and are looking for an ear to lend about when to have the next one. The ladies here are wonderful and knowledgeable and we love having new friends to share the hardships and accomplishments of planning to start a family. Feel free to jump right in and introduce yourself!

    Here are a few things to help you on your start here at Pregnancy.org and here at Thinking of Conceiving.

    As you have probably noticed, most users use abbreviations and short hand in their posts. Here are some of the most common ones:

    TOC - Thinking of Conceiving
    TTC – Trying to Conceive
    BFP – Big fat positive (a positive pregnancy test)
    BFN – Big fat negative (a negative pregnancy test)
    BPT – Blood pregnancy test
    HPT - Home Pregnancy Test
    FMU – First Morning Urine (used when taking a HPT)
    O – Ovulation
    DPO – Days Past Ovulation
    LP - Luteal Phase
    2WW – Two Week Wait (after ovulation, before a HPT can be taken)
    BD – Baby dance; have sex.
    DH – Darling Husband.
    DS / DD / DSD / DSS - Darling son / daughter / step-daughter / step-son
    SO – Significant Other
    AF - "aunt flo", your period, "the witch"
    CM - Cervical Mucus
    CP - Cervical Position
    FF- Fertility Friend (a website)
    OPK - Ovulation Prediction Kit (also OPT, for Test)
    KUP – Keep us Posted
    PM – Private Message
    M/C – Miscarriage
    M/S – Morning Sickness
    KWIM – Know What I Mean
    ITA – I Totally Agree
    HTH – Hope That Helps

    Read complete listings of our acronyms:

    Trying to Conceive Terms and Acronyms

    Pregnancy.org's Chat and Bulletin Board Acronyms

    Helpful Resources:

    a. Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. This is a very helpful book for anyone wanting to start TTC. It clearly outlines and explains the Fertility Awareness Method, and teaches you how to chart your three main fertility signs: Cervical position, Cervical mucous and Basil Body Temperature. It is highly recommended!

    b. Fertility Friend (www.fertilityfriend.com) This is a wonderful website that you can use to record your chart information. Once you set up a chart, you can go to “sharing” and then “tickers” to create a ticker that will show where you are in your cycle. This ticker will also act as a link so that others can see your chart. To add your ticker into your signature, simply copy the BBcode and paste it in your signature.

    c. We do have other boards that address various TTC stages & needs. Be sure to explore more within our Planning a Family, Trying to Conceive Buddies, and Fertility Issues and Concerns forums!

    d. Pregnancy.org also has a number of other boards dedicated to specific life circumstances. Check out our full listing here! Feel free to visit those as well!

    Have you moved on in your journey towards parenthood but still want to stay in touch with old friends? Be sure to visit our Planning a Family Grads forum today!

    Further info for Grads:
    For our TOC grads that wish to come back and continue to support those members that are still waiting, yes, you may do so -- offering your attached signatures with your pregnancy tickers, ultrasounds, and baby pics as inspiration for your fellow members. We DO ask that you do not use this board to post your actual pregnancy/baby news on. We do want to allow this board to be a place of support for those still in the waiting years. We offer a Grads thread at the top of our page so we can keep tabs on everyone's status and we encourage you to please make use of it, posting updates, photos and links!

    For those who can never seam to track down the complete list of Similes you'll find the link by clicking here.


    *Note: This information was compiled by JorgieGirl! Thanks!

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    Here's a banner (made by:
    Stravello) you can add it to your signature to bring in more people to the board, and announce that you are TOC! Enjoy!


    ***Please save to your computer by right clicking and selecting "Save Picture As". Next, upload to your image hosting account, then go to "Profile" and paste the code it in your "Signature" block! Hope this Helps!***

    *Note: This information was compiled by JorgieGirl! Thanks!

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