Were gonna do it!!

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Were gonna do it!!

Hi Ladies!

I have been away from the boards awhile just busy with the 5 kids!! Our daughter is 4 months and we thought we were done! We told everyone we were and were happy with that and ready to move on. Well hubby and I have changed our minds. We will be having another baby!! Smile I was supposed to get my IUD in next week but I am not going too.

Were not sure when we will ttc but hubby says he would like to have a baby in Dec. since where he works is closed the last 2 weeks in Dec into Jan so he said if baby was due end of Nov. into Dec he could take a lot of time off which would be nice. All our other kids he just took a few days. So I guess we have to wait till 2013 ttc. But I am excited!!

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Smile Sounds like a great plan! My DD was born Dec 5th and my DH also got to take a lot of time off work and it was great!

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awww congrats thats awesome!!!! Keep us updated !

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That is great that you have a plan! 2013 is just around the corner. I can't believe 2012 is nearly halfway over.

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sounds great! it's always nice to have a date.

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Thank you Ladies! I just need to keep hubby away lol! Were not going to use anytype of birth control just condoms. And I got pregnant as a teen with my husband using condoms so yeah! Plus my 2 sons are 9 months apart and I felt like I never got to enjoy them as babies because I was pregnant with ds 2 while ds 1 was little. I want to enjoy the baby time! And #6 will be our last so I really want to enjoy it all!