When are you TOC?

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When are you TOC?

For us we have to hold out until at least September. I organise events, and other than having to throw 6 kids parties this year, I've also got a wedding in September and a big weekend long event at the beginning of October. I can't risk being heavily pregnant for those events so I've got to wait until September at least.

So I'm taking the time out to lose weight, got fit, improve my diet and health, extend my house to add two extra bedrooms, buy a new bigger car and get my DS5 ready to start full time school in September! Also planning to do another family holiday (last year we spent three weeks in the USA, two weeks in Florida and one week seeing a good friend in Maryland) sometime this year and DH and I want to go on an adult only cruise as it's likely we won't be able to get another holiday alone for quite some years! LOL

When are you planning to try? Why are you waiting and what are you doing to occupy yourself between now and then?

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We're in the JLIH club. Biggrin

pico83 (not verified)

I'm TOC is September. I want to give my body at least 10 months to heal after my most recent baby and my milk tends to dry up 2 months into pregnancy and I need to give him at least 12 months. Plus, I probably won't be fertile again until then. We also have a lot of transitions coming up this summer and we need to get through those and see how they work out and I need to talk my reluctant DH into a 5th. I'd love a summer 2015 baby, especially because my mom is retiring June 2015 and would love to spend her time playing with her grandkids. Smile
To occupy myself I have my 4 little kids. The baby is having a growth spurt (he was already over 16lbs at 2 months!) and was up hourly to eat last night. I also just found a craft-charity thing which gives donated handmade dolls to kids in shelters, so I've been figuring out how to make some dolls for that. Plus my ongoing knitting and crochet projects the rare times my hands are free.

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We will start trying April-May. Ideally, I'd like to move to not preventing and see how it goes. Realistically, I don't know if I can be that relaxed.

We are waiting for a variety of reasons. Main one now is I don't want to be in the first trimester while my husband writes his last exam for certification in April. The test is only once a year and has a really low pass rate so I want him to have his best chance. I also wanted to be at work long enough that they can see that I'm a good worker so there is a chance they will hire me again after I take my year mat leave (I'm on contract so my position is not guaranteed after). My other goal was to not need to go back to work until DD2 is in school so daycare is still manageable.

If I was younger I'd wait another year but I'm 37 so I think we have to start TTC this year.

I have lots of deadlines at work so it makes time fly. I hope it move that fast when I'm waiting for a BFP!

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We are most likely waiting until September. Though I will have my IUD removed in June. I can't guaranty we will actually wait that long. Once I stop using any sort of birth control hubby and I have a really hard time controlling ourselves and waiting. We do need to wait until after we will get our taxes though because we need to get a vehicle with more seating options.