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Thread: Why is it so hard for me to decide? :-/

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    I'm in the same boat as you. We were going to start TTC next month, but now I'm second guessing it. I told DH last night and he was a little sad I want to wait, but said it's up to me when we start or even if we don't have anymore. Being a SAHM, I am really nervous about being tired and sick during the first few months while chasing 2 wild boys around all day. Plus, I get pretty miserable during the last couple months because a hockey injury when I was in high school comes back to haunt me. I go back and forth all the time. I wish I could just KNOW when it's the right time.
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    Hi Katie!
    I figured I would come over here as the baby fever is on going and I am also trying to figure out when to plan #2. But I agree the thought of labor and delivery worries me, although my first was very uneventful and quick. I think for me, is I am trying to take in as much of tommy as I can. I worry too much as it is, I dont want to feel like I am going to be taking away my time with him. I feel like I keep pushing it farther and farther away. Right now, I am thinking maybe a year from now, but also thinking when he turns 2 in July just go off BCP and see what happens. It definitely is hard to see preggo mamas with their cute bellies and wish that was me (also was not fond of being pregnant). I agree its hard to decide the "right" time. I think about having another all the time. DH is no help either. I think he would be fine with one. But I definitely want another and I am sure he will be on board when it gets closer.
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    I think we've probably all been there! It's scary thinking about everything that might happen, could happen, will happen. And having any baby, no matter how few or how many you have to begin with, is hard work! We go back and forth on having another one. We're pretty set on having another baby (#8 ), but I'm so scared at the same time. I get really ill, and then there's the space and the money because I go private for my healthcare during pregnancy and things are so complicated with me... But then I so badly miss the pregnancy experience, I miss breastfeeding, I miss having my house full of kids when they're all at school (#6 is about to start in Jan and that leaves me with only one child at home half the day)... And I keep making up 8 plates of food without realising, counting heads and panicking that one is missing even though I've counted 7! It's driving me insane, so I think we'll definitely have another one - but then when and the how is terrifying to think about! LOL

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