**Dishrag Tag Info Sent out!! Please READ!**

View Poll Results: Do we want the order a surprise? Or known ahead of time?

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Thread: **Dishrag Tag Info Sent out!! Please READ!**

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    Default **Dishrag Tag Info Sent out!! Please READ!**

    Hi Everyone!

    I have sent out the first round of names for dishrag tag. A couple of things

    1)If you sent me your information and did NOT receive a PM from me with someone to send to please post on this thread and tell me! I only received a small handful of PMs out of all the people who said they wanted to participate, so its possible there was a techinical glitch of some sort. Dakotatwilight, for example, i know you said you sent a PM...but I did not receive it in my box.

    2)If you have not sent your information but do want to participate...please send me your information ASAP! There is still time!

    3)If you did receive a PM, please post on this thread and confirm that you have received your info.

    4)We need to decide on one thing. As of right now, I only told everyone who they are sending to...not who they are receiving from, or how far down the chain they are.

    the question is: Do we want to post the list and order people are going in? Or do we want it to be a surprise? I personally like the idea of a surprise...but since I personally won't be surprsied (I made the list afterall ) I don' tmind if most people would rather know the whole set up ahead of time. Please vote on the poll in this thread so we can determine the results!

    Thats all for now! I will post a formal Dishrag Tag thread where we can post the 'rules' and we can share pictures/give updates etc....probably not until tomorrow.

    I apologize for getting this out later than I originally said....the story of my life! Thanks for your patience!
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    I got my info! Thanks for organizing this, Kim!!!

    I voted for no surprises, because I'm not a surprise kind of person. However, if I get outvoted, I won't be mad. I know some people really really really like surprises and their desire for it to be a surprise would far outweigh my desire for knowing.

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    I got mt PM. Thanks!

    I voted for keeping it a surprise, but I wouldn't mind knowing as well.

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    Got mine! I don't really care if its a surprise or not, but I guess I wouldn't mind knowing

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    I got my info as well.

    I voted for it to be a surprise. But I'm fine with it either way.

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    Got my info. thanks.

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    oh my pm box is full, I keep meaning to delete it, but I'm in the midst of getting ready for a holiday party at my house and the next 7 days or so will be wild- then all the rest of the stuff to get ready for Christmas still to to do. Anyways, I'd like to do it still- if you can tag me on at the end maybe?


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