Advice for getting started

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Advice for getting started

I want to learn to knit. Does anyone have any advice for how to get started?

Should I try and find a class to take or can I learn from a book?

Not sure how to proceed and I really wish I had asked my grandma how to do this when she was still alive!


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I was able to learn from books, but for a lot of people, having someone there really helps. You can check out for videos of the stitches.

If you have a yarn store near you, they might offer classes. Or just look for a nice lady knitting on the bus and plop down next to her! Biggrin

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I tried to learn how to knit many times, mainly from books.

The time that worked for me was taking a class at my local yarn store. It was a 5-6 week class, meeting once a week for 2.5 hours. We knit a pair of mittens. It was nice to have the time in-between to work on the project and practice, but also nice to knit in class, so if you got stuck, the instructor could help. I also learned from having the other students in the class, as they made different mistakes from me.