Another newbie!

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Another newbie!

Hi ladies! My name is Megan and I am a crafting junkie Lol My current obsession is all things cloth diaper related-sewing dipes, cloth wipes, wet bags and crocheting longies, shorties and soakers. I have a severe fabric addiction-you don't wanna know how many co-ops I'm a part of-it's almost embarrassing! I'm in the process of creating the perfect OS pocket pattern-if only my snap press would get here I'd be a lot futher along in this process LOL! I also love scrapbooking, but don't have the time to devote to it that I want-especially with my CD addiction (seriously-it's nearly mignight and I have fabric in the wash that I will probably use before I go to bed :oops: I am pathetic!) I've dabbled in a little bit of *almost* everything crafty, but one thing I have never done and would love to try is quilling. My cousin got into it years ago (when we were still in high school) and I marvel at some of the things she's done! Hope to get to know you all better!!

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Welcome to the board! You will have to show us some pics of your crafty work! There are so many crafts I would love to get more into, but for now I must stick to knitting as i can barely find the time for even that Smile

Anyway, Welcome!

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Hi Megan! I agree...we need to see pictures!!

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Welcome! You sound super-crafty - I'm a little intimidated! Blum 3

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HI Megan, same for me on the scrapbooking LOL- I also bought some quillling books and plan to get some kits to get started, so if you decide to give it a go, be sure to let me know.

Welcome to the board.


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Hi Megan. I'm into making cloth-diapering stuff right now, too. Other than the baby kimono (from Mason-Dixon) that I just made, everything else I've knit or sewn in the last month has been related to cloth-diapering. Welcome to the group. If you need a tester for your OS pattern, let me know. Though, I don't plan on working with snaps for now.