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    Default Anyone else?

    I seriously have not had anytime to crochet or do anything for myself latley! I have my afgahn that has been a work in progress for over a year and it NEEDS to get finished because Im sick of looking at it,lol!
    Are any of you as busy as I am? Do your projects sit untouched for weeks or even a month at a time?
    We should somehow make a goal for ourselves in number of hours you craft each week and log them on this board somehow.
    I would say my goal each week would be at LEAST 5 hours of crochet.
    How about you all?

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    I have been knitting a little bit but I was sick so not like I was. But I do try to make some time every other day or so.

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    I go to a knit night once a week, some weeks I don't make it but the weeks I do I get at least those 2-3 hours of knitting. Then on Sundays during the boys SS classes before church I spend that 45-60 minutes knitting. And sometimes if we watch a movie or are all going somewhere & dh is knitting I take the car drive time to knit. If I have a small/mindless project I bring it with me to homeschool park days (Wednesday) but it's hard to do anything with a pattern there because sometimes I have to toss it aside & jump up to tend to someone

    OH and during tae kwon do, tuesday & thursdays, if my youngest two are being cooperative I will knit then too!

    Currently OTN - felted horse (pattern from Crafty Alien -an etsy seller). About to start a onsie for my May babe & stuffed toys for the boys for easter too (the horse is for my daughter). I think they will all get a dragon (norberta) knit out of different scrap yarns. Last time I knit norbert I used Main Line and a yarn whose name is currently escaping my mind!
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    I haven't been knitting much lately... though it's a combo of lack of time, and my hands hurting My hands keep swelling at night as a side effect of this pg. I keep promising myself that I'll get the projects all done when I'm sitting and nursing for hour on end after the baby's born, lol
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