Is anyone on Ravelry?

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Is anyone on Ravelry?

Sorry for the spam, but I figured a board like this would be interested in this! If you don't know what Ravelry is, it's a free knitting/crochet community for those of us who are absolutely fanatic about fiber! It's still in the beta stages right now, so you have to get on a waiting list to join, but I don't think the wait is too long right now (maybe 3-4 days). It's a totally great community that you can use to connect with other fiber freaks!

If interested, click here, then click the link near the bottom-right of the screen that says "Request an Invitation."

If/when you get on, or if you've already joined, look for me! I'm BigRedErin!

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Yep... there's a group over there.

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The group is a little quiet but we are there Smile

My name there is KimPossible, just like here Biggrin

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I'm mythicbubbles on Ravelry too.

Have to pop over and check out the group there.

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OMFG, I love that site. I'll add you to my friends. I have discovered that 2 high school friends with whom I have lost tough are on there, as is one of my mom's BFFs. And the daughter of another one of my mom's BFFs. I'm like, "What the heck? All these cool people are knitters/crocheters!"

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I love that site do I find the group?

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When you log in, go to the groups tab, then search for Smile It'll pop up Smile