Baby Hat Circumference??

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Baby Hat Circumference??

Hello Ladies... it's been a while since I have posted here...I guess I got depressed about wanting to make baby stuff and not having a baby for them...BUT... times have changed and I am now making baby things for my baby (god that is the first time I have typed that and it looks So I have what I think is an important question...

I want to make some hats but I just made the TLC Basic hat using all of the materials listed and my hat is really small...what is an average circumference of a baby's head... I can adjust the pattern if I can figure out how much bigger to make it... but I don't have a baby to Can someone who recently had a baby or even remembers what the circumference of there baby's head was a birth, let me know the size so I can hopefully make some hats that won't be too tight for my LO.

Thanks in advance

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Thomas' head was 14 inches at birth.

Use this chart if you don't have real person to measure.

That being said, my 4 y.o. head is nearly 20 inches, not 18 like the chart.

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I think DD's head was between 14-14.5 inches at birth. Not sure what it is now.

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My little guy's was 14.5 inches at birth
At 2 months it was 16.25

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Tom's was 14.5" at birth. He was sort of big, but Sam was a peanut with a big head - I think hers was close to the same size despite the fact that she was 2 pounds lighter.

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I am so glad to see you here with your news!!!!:bigarmhug: