baby woolies (xp and pic heavy)
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Thread: baby woolies (xp and pic heavy)

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    Default baby woolies (xp and pic heavy)

    Here's the pictures I took for the CDing board. Mostly my knitting, but some extra stuff too.

    Thomas' woolies:

    The new baby's woolies:
    Items I made new for this baby

    New outfits on left, items I made for Thomas but will reuse for new baby on right

    Woolies I bought for the new baby

    The new baby's take home outfit/layette. I fell in love with this robot fabric. I also have a CPF coming in the mail. The yarn on the right is for a pair of cabled longies or shorties plus blue booties. The yarn on the left is either for a sweater/hat/longies or a blanket. I can't decide.

    Bonus picture of my boys decorating my birthday cake. The 5 year old did a surprisingly good job. The one year old mostly ate frosting.

    Thanks for looking!
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    WOW! Have you ever been busy! The woollies look fun and not too difficult, but those items in the third photo look trickier. That variegated yarn on the far right, the purple & green, is so rich looking! I really like it! I also like the second one from the left...Heck, I like them all!

    Not sure how much knitting time you'll find with three children around, but actually, I have plenty of things that my own Mom made when I was small...and I'm third (and last). I think her cross stitching and crocheting were therapeutic!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (though a little late!)
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