Blocking Stockinette and using a knitting machine?

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Blocking Stockinette and using a knitting machine?

Hi Girls!!

I've been meaning to post here more often, but haven't had a chance.

I got an "Ultimate Sweater Machine" for Christmas, and I love it. I'm such a slow knitter so I find this really helps me get along with projects faster.

Problem is, it only does Stockinette, which I'm sure you hard core knitters know curls like there is no tomorrow!!

I bought this super soft synthetic decorative yarn and made a scarf. Problem is, no matter how hard I try to steam/iron/block it, I can't get the curl out!! I really don't want to crochet around the entire edge, because the yarn goes thick and thin so it's really....hard to pick up the stiches for the crochet (I tried).

Is there any other tips you could provide for blocking? What if I use one of those spray on starch sprays when it's wet and maybe if it sits like that for a while, it will stay flat??

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Hmmm, thats a tough one! I for one don't have any tips to help keep it from rolling. From what I understand, a stockinette edge is pretty much destined to roll, no matter what you do to it. But I could be wrong, there may be someone else here who knows a good secret!

The only thing I thought of as I read your thread was to knit an edge around it, but then i continued reading your post and saw that this may not work for your current project.

So sorry I don't have any other suggestions!

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Could you use a different yarn in a complementary color to crochet a simple edge around it?

I just finished a sweater neck in stockingnet because I wanted it to curl! I see no other solution and would not bother with the starch idea.

That's why I found the machines useful for only certain types of things. They are fun, but so is manual knitting. Do both! Wink

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There is a way to do ribbing on an Ultimate sweater machine. It involves dropping the stitches and picking them back up.

I'd recommend going to YouTube -- there are tons of videos. I tried to search for some, but I have an old version of Flash on my work computer and I don't have access to update it.