can anyone help with short rows?

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can anyone help with short rows?

Hi! I'm new here...trying to knit some longies that use short rows. I'm using pg mamma rmacburn's pattern here and am stuck at the short rows.
I've read several tutorials and watched the video here. But I still can't put it together in my head, how to end? the short row. I end up with a hole where the short row ends, on the purl side.
So I start the row, knit through, wrap a stitch, turn to the purl side and knit, then how do I turn again on the purl side without leaving a hole?
If anyone can help, thanks!

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I find it hard to explain when not there in person! Why not ask in the question box at the bottom of the page you posted? (rmacburn's pattern here)

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Thank you! I went back and watched the video about 12 more times and I think I figured it out - I was leaving the wrap on the needle when I was supposed to knit it together with the wrapped stitch. I *think * that was the problem! Thanks!

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Yup, the wrap is knit together with the last short row stitch. I learned with the video too. Smile

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I use this way:

I like it better (for me anyway).