Celticangel's progress thread. (Kirstie)

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Celticangel's progress thread. (Kirstie)

I am about ready to go crazy. Katie refuses to go to sleep at night anymore. We put her to bed, in her room and bed, at 8:30. Because she'll bother Miriam if we put them in the same room before Katie has fallen asleep, Miriam crawls into our bed and rests until Katie falls asleep, which used to be 1/2 hour or so. Last night it was 11:30. The night before and for the last two weeks or so it has been anywhere from 10:00 to 10:30. Miriam is frustrated, because she really doesn't want to be sleeping in our bed, and DH and I are frustrated because we can't go to bed until Miriam is in her bed.
Last night I tried to cuddle her to sleep, thinking maybe she was lonely or afraid of the dark, but then she just started squirming about and trying to play, so I put her back to bed and she fell asleep for a few moments, at which point I put Miriam into her own bed and started getting ready to go to bed myself. About 10 minutes later a very irritated, drowsy Miriam came into the kitchen to tell us that Kathryn had crawled into her bed and was keeping her up, and that she couldn't sleep with Katie still awake. At this point I put Miriam to bed in the guest room, where she promptly fell asleep, and then went back into the girls' room, put Katie back to bed and listened to her pout, protest and kick the wall for another half hour. I'm not sure what to do, short of cutting her nap out, which tends to just make her cranky and less likely to finish the day well. Any suggestions?
Things had been going well, and we were going to start trying to put the girls to bed at the same time again, but now I can barely get them into the same room before 10, and it isn't fair to Miriam to make her wait in our bed when she really, really wants to be in her own bed.