Christmas projects...

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Christmas projects...

anyone workingon any christmas projects.. i seem to be getting in a funk been knitting so many mittens and hats getting tired of it... now switching to making a blanket and then it will beon to a quilt and possible some cross stitching

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I just finished three sets of potholders and a pot scrubbing pad for each set for my aunts and uncles. I used Sugar 'n Cream /Peaches and cream, a different ombre color for each set. Smile I will wrap them with a loaf of quick bread. I hope they like them!

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I made 3 sets of fingerless mittens (all Dashing, from Knitty). And two dishcloths. Nothing else knit for Christmas.

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oh these sound lovley ladies.. feel free to share some pictures!

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I've been busy making hats and scarves. This is the latest one, I'm actually attempting to sell them locally.

I made a camo one for my nephew and I'm going to start another for my niece, not camo, maybe pink. I'll give them those for Christmas along with the museum membership I got them.

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I didn't do much crafting this year. I knit a pair of socks for my step-dad...I make him some every year and I crocheted some dish cloths. That's about it for me.