Crafting in general

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Crafting in general

Are you one of those people who always has something going on craft-wise? I am starting to be that person, LOL. Maybe it's because it's new to me to have any kind of talent? LMAO!

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Yep, I always have something (or a few somethings) going on at all times. I feel "naked" without a project to pick up. I can't just watch TV -- I have to either be playing blocks or whatever with my son, knitting, crocheting, cooking dinner, baking, etc.

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Yep, I pretty much always have a project going, or at least one I want to start. A little less so in the warmer months, though, which I use for my other hobby: gardening.

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Yuppers, I haven't had less then 3-4 projects going at the same time since I started 15 years ago... The trouble is I set my mind to finishing them all then I look online and see new patterns I want to make and then...well I add another project to my currently working on I was told by a girl at Lewiscrafts that your not a true crafter unless you have more then one project going...I am not sure if that is true or not for everyone but for me it is. Smile

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I am the same as many of the other ladies, I have more than one project going on at all times! Ive been working on one main project, a chevron crocheted afgahn, for over a year and it just gets so boring so I always have other things going on on the side.

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Well I suppose if you count the 90 bajillion unfinished projects that I swear I will finish someday...sure! I always have something going on Lol

I pretty much only knit (although i want to start sewing too) actually during the summer I very often go through a lull of 'nothing being actively worked upon'

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I have soap supplies, diaper sewing supplies, yarn out the wazoo, recycled sweaters to turn into soaks, and bolts of fabric waiting for me to learn to sew some day. My next projects are all on my knifty knitter looms. I am making 5 hat/scarf, mitten, sock sets for x-mas. With my EDD being Oct 28th and I am sure NOV and DEC shot for anything other then NB baby stuff I have 7 months to finish them all. So my goal is 1 set a month. The hats I can do in about 4 hours each, the shocks/mittens probably the same once I figure them out (not made any yet) and the scarves although easy they will be time consuming. My goal is to make the hats and socks for everyone and then start on the mittens and if I have time make scarves too. But in May I will be working on Tessa's Renfest outfit. This week I am making milk bath soak for MIL and SIL for Easter.

Am I the only one working on x-mas already?

SIL has a new BF and I just learned yesterday he loves hand crocheted things so I will have to toss another somthing in closer to SEPT/OCT if he is still around then for his x-mas gift too.

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"If he's still around" hahaha! Sorry, I got a chuckle out of that! Lol

I always have a project going too. A few actually...between scrapbook pages, knitting and sewing!

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Yeah I have TONS of things going at all times. knitting, crocheting, beading, decoupage, refinishing wood furniture, scrapbooking... the list goes on..

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Such is my life! Lol I keep buying all sorts of fabric to make diapers and then I have this sweater I just started now and another baby sweater for a cousin who should have a newborn anyday, add to that I am also just itching to start gardening this year.
Julie- I haven't exactly started on Christmas yet but the sweater I am making is my 'test' sweater. I've never knit an adult one yet and I got this great book (Knitters Handy Book of Sweater patterns) I just have to figure out what stitching to use and what type of sweater to knit and then I'm going to start on Christmas sweaters. Seems everyone wants one! My MIL is first since she's been asking since I learned to knit, then my mom, then FIL, then my dad, then the grandparents...ect...ect...ect....I don't think they'll all be getting them this Christmas Lol