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Crochet question

As I look through patterns I keep seeing 'felting'. What is felting?

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There are a few ways to patterns it usually refers to knitting or crocheting up an item using a pure wool and agitating it so it shrinks and becomes a solid dense 'fabric' of sorts. you need to work up felted items significantly larger than the desired size as it shrinks a lot during the felting process. Its a lot of fun to do!

There is also something called needle felting, but uts a very different process/technique. I'd explain it but i'm one handed right now and i suspect the first type of felting i described is what you are referring to.

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An wet felting. But if you are reading it on knitting boards assume they mean wash and shrink your item after it is done so you see less of the individual stitches and it become more solid and smaller dementions.