Crocheters needed!

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Crocheters needed!

Here are a couple of things I've made recently:

I made this blanket for my friend's little girl

This one for another friend's newborn baby boy

And this one (doesn't show the entire blanket) for my niece for Christmas

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OMG how sweet!

I love that blue one!

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Wow, those are really pretty!

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They are wonderful! Nice work. How long does it take you to do one blanket?

The babies are cute too Lol

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Beautiful blankets! I'm a crocheter too - not a knitter. Hope we can get some more stuff going for us.

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those turned out great!

I've crocheted in the past. I made a sampler blanket - a bunch of squares where each one was a different pattern. None of my squares turned out to be the same size, so I single stitched around the edges until they were all the same! ROFL

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I wish I could crochet!! Ooh I love those blankets Kym!! If you ever need to make one and don't know who to make it for.... Me! Me! Me! Lol

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