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Current projects..

I am currently making some mittens... what is everyone else working on

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I'm working on a granny square afghan for our bed (half done), a scarf for my husband (1/3 done), and playing around with thread crochet to make snowflakes.

I'm still here, just hard to do anything with two little ones Biggrin

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I am just finishing off on a jumper for my little boy, but it is only my third project and my seam sewing is not very neat and until I am happy with that I cannot work on the neck band.

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Currently knitting a jumper and doing a cross stitch birth sampler for DS2. There are at least 4 other projects started but on hold for the time being.

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I made this on Sunday:

I'm working on an adult sized one now.

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I am working on a beanie for my son and getting ready to start a hat for my coming dd.

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I'm working on the second of two dog sweaters and two pairs of mittens...I can't wait to be done with Christmas knitting!