Did you get anything knitting related for Christmas?

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Did you get anything knitting related for Christmas?

or craft related...whatever your craft de jour might be!

If so, share here!

From my brother, i received these two books:


I love the patterns in this booklet!



This book is a bit basic for my skill level I think when it comes to knitting, but crochet is a whole new world to me and I actually like the crochet patterns in here better than the knitting ones!

Laughing hens is a great store...its in the UK so there are some products there that you cant' easily get in the US!

Anyone else get Crafty Christmas goodies?

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I got a gift card to Michael's from my secret Santa in our department's gift swap. Gift cards are the way to go for my dept, since half of us are remote workers!

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Hey cute, you are right the crochet ones look better. A giftcard is always fun. I didnt get anything craft related only because my duaghter couldnt figure out what to buy, so she bought me a necklace instead. sigh.


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Well since I just started and my family doesn't really know about it yet...I didn't get anything knitting related.

I also am huge into scrapbooking and didn't get anything.

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This year I got a GC for Michaels from my folks. They know I love to shop there, but have no idea what to get me.

Last year I got a couple of neat things. One was a knitting tote bag that Michaels was carrying, and the other was a scrapbooking large rolling tote.

Kim- are there any places special to look in England or Scotland for knitting stuff? I'm going this summer. Passing through London, not sure how long we'll be staying there, or if it's just going to be a connection, but we will be in Scotland for a week or two.

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