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    Default dishrag tag

    Ok so Im sorry to make this its own thread but I tried to reply on the other thread but it diddnt work for whatever reason.
    I would LOVE to be a part of it, what do I need to do from here?
    =) Thanks

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    Hi Kari,

    the other thread did work for me, i saw your response...and replied to it. It is on the last page, so make sure you scroll through the pages.

    EIther way, i"ll repeat it here so you get the info!

    PM me your Address information, and I will give you the person that you will be sending to. Those signing up now, will be near the end of the chain so it might be a while before you get your package.

    I am *promising* that my package is going out no later than this Saturday to get this thing rolling. I've been terrible at making sure its started. But this is my own self made deadline, because I'm sure people are getting impatient.

    There are couple of people i still need to send address info to, when I do, I will count your information in with it! Along with your Address, include if you are willing to ship out of country in the PM.

    Hope that helps!
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