Dishrag Tag has officially begun! (*Please read!*)

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Dishrag Tag has officially begun! (*Please read!*)

Ok, i deeply apologize for the loooong delay in getting this started, I have no one to blame but myself on that one! Anyway, my package is in the mail and on its way to my recipient!

EVERYONE who has sent me address information should have received a recipient to send to in their PM box or email account. Some of you will have only received this recipient info tonight, so if you have not checked yet, please do so now.

IMPORTANT: If you have NOT received a name of someone to send to, please reply to this thread or send me a PM ASAP!

I will be starting a thread that will be stickied for us to share when we recieve a box. Please post on this thread and confirm you recieved your gift! Also share pics if you can...have fun with this so we can all enjoy! Share as many pics of the process you would like to...recieving, knitting, sending off, any or all of the above!

Please post in the thread when you have shipped your knitted dishcloth and skein to the next person!

Lastly, please do as I say...and not as I do :oops: and try to knit and send out in a timely fashion. I certainly won't be one able to say anything bad about late shipments Lol but please remember there are others waiting their turn to participate! A week, or possibly two, should be enough to knit up a cloth and send it on! If for any reason you get held up, just post and give us an update so we know you are still on the radar.

Thats it ladies...i hope we all have fun! And again, I deeply apologize for not starting this sooner!