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    Default Dishrag Tag Update

    Ok, so I should have been more realistic like a lot of the other posters here and realized that there was NO WAY i could actually get my dishrag tag package out before Christmas. So here it is, two days after Christmas and I have not shipped yet. I have one Christmas gift that I have to finish up by this Sunday and then I should be able to go back to my dishrag.

    I am SO so so so sorry! Once I ship my package out hopefully we can be on our way. I deeply apologize and am terribly sorry for the delay. I promise to post when I have shipped out.

    Also, i have a couple of unread PMs, probably containing addresses for if you have not received info yet, I will be getting it to you soon, I promise!

    If not, you can vote me off the island!

    Again, my apologies!
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    Kim, I still haven't cleaned out my PM box, so it's not useable - would you email me and I'll send you my info. I don't know if I'm on the list yet.

    thanks, Bonita
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    DOnt worry we all get behind at one time or another.


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    LOL, Kim! I seriously don't know how you even find time to knit period, let alone knit multiple things and organize the tag and all that.

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