Do you belong to a local group?
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Thread: Do you belong to a local group?

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    Default Do you belong to a local group?

    Do you belong to a local group of knitters/crocheters/crafty folk? Maybe something like those "Stitch and *****" groups...

    I belong to a local BB and one of the crafty moms organized a knit/crochet group. We met for the first time last night - there were only 3 of us - but I had so much fun! It was cool to see things that they were working on.

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    I belong to knitting group. It started out as a stich-n-***** group, but then it just went independent. (Apparently you have to pay to license the name or some ridculcous thing). We meet evey Tuesday night at a local coffee shop. It's suppose to be from 7-9 pm, but we usually don't break it up until 10pm. It's my one guaranteed night out of the house and I love it!

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    I joined one about a month ago. I found out about it from a mom from ds' school. RIght now it's about 5 ladies if everyone shows up. We are telling other people about it too. We meet in the home of one of the ladies. We could rotate it, but we always end up at the same house every week. She says it also makes her keep her house picked up - it always looks immaculate too, not like my house.
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