Dyed in the Wool

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Dyed in the Wool

I thought this might be of interest to some of you. These are threads I posted about dying wool on a different forum.



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That is so neat. I love learning about stuff like this..

Plus, the wool turned out beautiful.

Oooh, and I love the shop, they have some really neat things. I have a hand (drop) spinner at home, haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet, but it takes forever.

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Wow! Look at all those machines! Its so cool to see how its actually all done.

I honestly would love to be able to get into something like that. I'm not enamored with my current job very much Lol

I have always told my husband that some day i would like to at least own an alpaca or two and do some personal yarn making for myself on a much smaller scale Smile

But you know, there's the whole money, land, time issue that I have to address first. hehe

Thanks for sharing!

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very cool! I would love to learn to spin. I dream of one day weaving with yarn that I spun and dyed myself...