Easy baby blanket pattern??

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Easy baby blanket pattern??


My name is Samantha and I just taught my self how to knit about 3 weeks about on youtube! I really really enjoy it. Right now I am just doing scarfs to get used to the different kinds of knitting stitches. I have mastered the regular knit stitch and now I am doing the purl stitch. I'm pretty sure the ribbing stitch is pretty easy. Just knit 2 purl 2 or how many ever you would like right. Anyways.. I have been looking on line forever to find a really really easy baby blanket pattern.. My only problem is I can't read the instructions... I mean I can read them I just don't understand what the heck they mean. Can someone please maybe point me in the right direction...

My SIL is having a baby in February and I really want to knit her a baby blanket but they all seem complicated. Even when they say beginner.. Also some of the abbreviations don't make sense to me.

Is it possible to make a baby blanket only using the knit and purl stitch?

Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

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hi Samantha Biggrin

Are you a member on ravelry.com? I bet you could find one there, it is possible! Once you have knit and purl mastered, you can pretty much do anything combining those two stitches. Like the ribbed, which you've figured out. There's also seed stitch, basket weave, cable, a twisted stitch, etc. So yes, you will figure out something for the blanket with those two stiches! :bigwink:

Also, I'm huge on baby hats (that's almost all I make, LOL). They're super simple, and make great baby gifts!

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Samantha, Welcome!

Just about everything that is knitted is basically just knitting and purling...so you are well on your way!

Once you follow your first pattern, you will find it easier and easier to read them.

Yes, there are MANY baby patterns that are strictly knitting and purling. So many lovely patterns and designs, so many beautiful yarns too.

I'd suggest spending time at a knitting shop as soon as you can manage it. Even without lessons, someone there can guide you to pattern books to choose a simple pattern from and tell you how many balls of wool you will need. Think about how big you would like it, colors and so on before you go so that you don't get distracted once you get there! Also may I suggest using a washable and dryable yarn? Whenever you get stuck, there's usually someone in a shop to help you with things like casting on, picking up stitches for borders, casting off too.

Just to get started, here's a simple baby bib pattern:

And this is a blanket pattern:

And two other blanket ideas:

Keep us posted on your progress!

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Hi and welcome!

Here are some suggestions after searching around a bit





That last one is a tiny bit more advanced, but not much. Might be something fun and new to try if you feel you have mastered simple knit and purl!

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As I hunted for beginner blanket patterns I found this one and fell in love with it! Maybe I'll make it after I finish my present Christmas project. Smile


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Ohh, thats nice! I need to finish the baby blanket i started, before I start another one probably Lol

This is a pic of someone elses' finished project of the same pattern:


The one I'm dong is green and it is in that giant collection of UFO's i keep talking about. Its actually a really fun pattern!

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Oh brother, I have a million things to do but I just HAD to start that pattern in post #5 above! I'm changing it slightly and plan on making a crocheted border in a shell stitch. I needed something colorful and fairly easy to keep my hands busy.:)