Easy DPN/cable patterns for beginners (knitting post)

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Easy DPN/cable patterns for beginners (knitting post)

I just learned to use double pointed needles AND do cables this week. Unfortunately until payday we have no extra yarn/needle money so I'm stuck with:
Size 10 DPN (set of 4)
Size 2 DPN (set of 4)
Size 5 DPN (set of 3 - obviously missing one)
and a LOT of worsted weight yarn, 6 skeins of alpaca yarn (50 g/110 yards) and a ton of various sport weight yarn. Anyone know how I can combine these to make a project using the DPN and/or cable method? I'd be happy with either one since I'm just learning and all excited (read: trying to avoid the boring striped sweater I'm doing for Jon) but something easy and fast like legwarmers would be nice.

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What about these Warm Braid Cable Wristwarmers. I've made about 5 pairs of these, they are easy, quick, and everyone just loves them Smile

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Those look so cute!

Too bad I already have two projects going (my self-imposed limit) or I'd be starting these.


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you could make a sampler blanket/quilt/throw by making the same size squares 6" or 8" (the bigger they are the easier they will be to stitch together in the end)-- and stitching them together.

I bought a knitting book that's really a manual of patterns, so it would be fun to try something like that with this. You could try out all different designs of cables and patterns. If you don't want to buy a book right now, go check at your local library, because they probably have several books full of knitting patterns to choose from.