This was a fun little project
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Thread: This was a fun little project

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    Default This was a fun little project

    Laurie couldn't find her purse yesterday and she's going today to the movies with a friend, just the two of them. She needed someplace to put the money I was giving her for snacks, so I looked for the quickest, easiest thing that would work, and this was it.

    I screwed up just a bit around the 2nd or 3rd row. Somehow managed to have 27 stitches instead of 26, but I did a decrease along the edge and brought it back to 26 and it doesn't look terribly bad.

    Of course, she found it this morning so the pouch is inside the purse but that's okay. I'll probably make a few more so the boys can have things to stuff their little treasures in, like cars or rocks.

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    So cute! Emma would love something like that. Nice work!
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    That looks cute and FAST! I may make one or two for the boys.

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    Ooooo neat! I bet it's great for the dribs and drabs of leftover yarn. I could totally see doing a stripey one!

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    oh cute idea- and I have lots of leftover yarn I can use.

    Nicholas' teacher asked for a wallet to go in his cubby for school next year for his library card. I think I have one he can use, but if I don't find it, I could make this.

    You could double the yarn, and use a bigger needle to make a bigger bag- or just increase the starting # of chains to where it gets to be the size you need. I really should make ds something like this (just bigger) to fit his sunglasses, as he is always losing them.
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