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At this difficult time in yours and your family's life, i want to express that my thoughts are with you. I was a member of the July 07 board, but spend more time here. Your posts here about your beautiful grandson always made me smile. Reed has touched my life in his own little way and my heart is aching for you right now.

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{{{hugs}}} My thoughts are also with you and Sarah Sad

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Thinking of you guys. My heart is aching for you.

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:bigarmhug: Your family is in our thoughts.


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I am so sorry for your family's loss.

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My heartfelt sympathies go out to you and your family. Our July 07 board is grieving and cannot imagine the heartache you are going through but please know that you are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers right now.

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The support from each and every one has been meaningful. The quilt that is being made by the July '07 moms, the bubble blowing across the continents, the folks who were able to share with us at the service, those who have donated to their chosen causes.....THANK YOU!

The road is long though....

There will be knitting in my future I expect, but right now, no.