GoBabyGo/Nicole's VERY beginner boring progress

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GoBabyGo/Nicole's VERY beginner boring progress

I just started Knitting in October 2006. I am still very much a beginner because I have gotten comfratable with the Knit Stitch and have yet to move on and learn to Purl or any of the other stitches. So for now I am enjoying making very basic things.

List of things I have made so far:
(sorry no pictures, my work computer hates Photo Bucket)
8 Dish Cloths
2 Scarfs
4 Knifty Knitter hats

What I have started:
1 Scarf
1 Table Runner for my mom for Mothers day
1 Knifty Knitter Hat

See I told you this thread was going to be boring! Lol

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Thats great Nicole! You've done a lot since learning back in October. You'll have to show us pictures at some point! Biggrin

I have a beautiful table runner pattern that I would LOVE to make...however it would take me a lifetime. Its done on size 0 needles! :?

Can't wait to hear about your progress!

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This table runner I am using size 8 needles. This is my first project where I am switching colors. Started out yellow, then navey blue, sage, a lighter blue, then back to yellow. Then I am going to put the sage around the outside for the boarder.

I will work on the picture thing! Biggrin

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That's great!

I think you've made more things than I have - and I started 3 years ago. The first thing I made was a hot plate/ very large coaster with needes that were way too small for the yarn I was using. It was fun though because I did 6 knit, 6 purl (simply trying to figure out how to do it from 20 years previously when my mom showed me). After 6 rows I did the reverse (started with purl and then did knit). I swtched yarn in the middle (got bored of the one type so just started with a different colour on the next row. It worked fine so I kept going.

Anyway, keep it up! It's fun!

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Hi Nicole!

I'm also very new to knitting. I started after Christmas. I've yet to make any projects though.

Keep up the good work!!

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Thanks gals! Some one needs to crack me with a whip! I haven't knitted in about a week! Geez I am going through withdrawls I think! Lol