Hanging wooden letters help (x-posted)

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Hanging wooden letters help (x-posted)

I painted some wooden letters for ds's new room... the walls are a pale yellow-y colour just because we don't have time to repaint, but the accent colours are red, blue, green, and yellow... so those are the colours I did his name in.

I'm thinking of maybe hanging them either going down the wall diagonally or else staggared (just straight across seems too boring to me right now LOL) but I might not be able to decide on that until I'm actually hanging them, once we have all the furniture in place and decide on where to put them.

Now, I have to decide how to hang them. Do I just put a little bracket thingie on the back and use a nail or do I use ribbon or what? I think the ribbon idea would be neat but I don't want it to end up looking too girl-ish on account of the ribbons.

Any suggestions would be great!

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hmm, that's hard to say.

I think the ribbon might look too girly. It might be okay if you find a boyish ribbon, trains, or something.


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I'm about to hang letters in both my kids rooms. I'm using ribbons for my dd, but I had the same question about my ds. I've decided to use brackets. I like the diagonal lay out better than the staggered. They look great.